Transaction Advisory Nepal

In today’s regulatory equipped and dynamic business environment financial reporting is constantly changing. With weak financial teams, having lean knowledge on the financial suitability of dynamic business environment, plenty of organization confront challenges when addressing key trends including transitional mobility from current financial reporting to new financial reporting standards, expanding the level of debt offerings and cross border equity along with merger and acquisition. With S.D & Associates advisory professional service, we support every of such financial changes. Companies can confidently navigate the path of current accounting, securities, and financial reporting.

We aid our clients in understanding the rewards & risks of corporate transactions. From external restructuring to inorganic growth to external fundraise, we firmly stand with our clients through the whole transactional cycle. We bring in an accomplished group of experts with diverse & deep experience to help our clients across the transactional process.

Lead Advisory Service

By implementing our global reach and rich experience, we scout investors towards investment opportunities and help business to reach out for global partnership or suited investors. Our service includes;

  • Strategic Investments
  • Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliance
  • Fundraising- Debt & Equity
  • Monetization/Acquisitions
  • Spinoffs and Divestitures
  • Bidding Support
  • Financial Projection

Transaction Support Service

With well-matched transaction support service, we help investors and companies to make a decision by recognizing and quantifying business risk. Our service comprises of;

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Valuation & Modelling support
  • Strategic/Commercial/Tax Due Diligence
  • Forensics & process diligence
  • Loan Syndication

Pre-Transaction Support Service

Our professional expert help client’s in understanding investment willingness with further planning of an organization. Our service includes;

  • Organic & inorganic expansion planning
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Process Improvement
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • Business modeling and planning support
  • Buy-side & Sell side support

To maintain liquidity or liquidation it is important for corporates to adopt accounting valuation. At S.D & Associates, we furnish every integrated detail to our clients. Our professional crew has vast knowledge and substantial experience in every aforesaid mentioned service which is sure to facilitate rational decision making of every entity’s.

When an organization is in need to execute new financial reporting or accounting standards, S.D is ready to assist them with a comprehensive action plan. Our service does not end here, as we also help the organization in identifying issues related to management, interpretation, and revisions to be amended in the system.

Let us minimize your risk for multifaceted transactions. Allow our professionals to navigate through complicated procedures related to spin-off business transactions and initial public offerings. We also offer enhanced service in securitizations and securities issuance in capital markets. Our added service comprises of;

IPO readiness: Evaluating and implementing requirements for going public company or reporting as a public company.

Reporting for transactions: Service of mergers and acquisitions, carving of financial statement and preparation of per forma financial statements for every spin-off transaction.

On-call accounting services: Strong support to finance, equity, transactions and legal teams on every aspect of financial reporting matters.

Securitizations: Assist financial analytics, operations, technology, accounting, and diligence.

Securities offering services: We understand the regulatory requirements of capital markets and address cross border listings and fulfill post offering reporting requirements. We help every organization in preparing IPO, plan and manage offering process, identifying newer obligations report in developing approaches to comply with every regulatory requirement.