Taxation Services Nepal

Technical knowledge, business knowledge, in-depth tax rules & regulations, and consistent methodologies, S.D & Associates offer a broad range of integrated tax service as per your requirements. Our approach combines innovation and insights in multi-disciplines & industry’s helping your business reach globally.

Tax is an important function of the Finance Department in any company. With so many changes on pipeline, and with so many changes implemented so far including Service Tax & VAT we concretely understand the requirements of our clients on tax matters, therefore we have a set of focused team directing clients in every matter related with tax including tax optimization, transactions structuring, advise on non-routine & routine tax queries, advice on organizational and operational structure.

We wholly assist our clients in the maintenance of documents, preparation, and review of returns, withholding tax return, transfer pricing study and income tax return. We advise clients on every taxation matter comprising of treaty benefits, transfer pricing and so on. Our services include,

1.Business & Corporate tax advisory

  • Tax modeling
  • Structuring of business transactions
  • Review/Assistance in advance tax computations.
  • Review/Prepare corporate tax returns.
  • Consulting and briefing with tax counselors whenever required.
  • Every compliance issue related to withholding tax, tax registration, and certification.

2.Personal Taxes

  • Filing of income tax return of both resident & non-resident individuals, entity, foreign and domestic companies.
  • Expatriate taxation and services.

3.Tax Audit

  • Functional analysis
  • Comparability analysis
  • Profit margin reviews
  • Assistance and representation before Income tax officer.
  • Risk and functional profile.
  • Transaction planning, cost-sharing agreements, and intragroup services.

In the last few years, organizations are approaching for IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) in their business which allows them to conduct smoother financial transactions. Switching does seek for significant change in existing systems, operations and process to meet the international requirements of the new standards.

S.D & Associates, Chartered Accountants firm provides expert assistance to improvise the quality of taxation with reluctant solutions offering transparency, speed and response meeting statutory and regulatory compliance.

As we all know, the importance of statutory & regulatory reporting with visible compliance. A good tax consultant makes their client aware of the implications of taxes and its outsets. They make sure their clients are aware of the insights and impact of the tax in business transactions.

At S.D, we believe that fore-warned is fore-armed, therefore we don’t only resolve tax matters of our clients but also look out for new business opportunities for better financial output. Lastly, it’s better to comply with the tax system voluntarily rather than getting involved in legal incumbrance.