Our Team


“It’s been more than a year, since S.D & Associates was founded. Every year the quest lingers to add more members in our family. Smart, talented, skilled & qualified accountants along with selected personnel look forward in joining us to further explore their talents, fulfill our expectations of enhancing our client portfolio with quality execution under respective time frame and budgets. At S.D, we have faith in sharing experiences, as resources to rise safer, faster and healthier. Hence, every time any opportunity knocks our door, we assimilate various opinions and share the work. This is how our hierarchy flow: we innovate, infuse technologies and search defined solutions for intense preoccupations. We take statutory rules & regulations as our responsibility and exert essential efforts to strictly abide them. Our principles obligate us to provide quality service keeping tab on good governance. Therefore, every year we are more inclined on turning towards, compliance & governance projects.”CA Sanjeev Dhakal

We are agile, competitive and human centered firm, who firmly believes every employee to be an asset, therefore, we leave no stone unturned in recruiting, training and retaining quality staff. Our squad are highly interested in rendering best suited advice for client’s education service and simplify your entity’s financial statement with financial position.

Every employee working with us and for us, represents “S.D & Associates”, so they leave a trace of commitment in providing honesty in cubed service in what so ever sector they work for.

Great thinker & outstanding leadership

We highly encourage our employees to take lead and embrace challenge. We take pride when our team take innovative approach and tactically handle the financial glitches. Our partners are passionate in seeing our team succeed, so dealing with S.D & Associates is always a pleasure.

We have a set of leaders who have a vast business advisory accounting experience supported by outstanding group of qualified accountants.

Likewise, we reward hard works, at a same time inspire & assist those who are struggling (which seldom happens). By utilizing ample of opportunities for career progression, some of our interns have risen from intern to partners.

Addressable Emotional Excellence

We are aware about Emotional Quotient (EQ), and with uttermost care we bring it off to an optimum level resulting it to Emotional Excellence (EE). We believe EE creates excellent Human Relationship and keep our employees & us inspired, committed, engaged, focused in professional territory.

Including EE in work zone allows each members of our organization deal & support each one of us in right way. At S.D & Associates leaders, subordinate and employees exhibit a high level of EE, which allows to fill in the gap between every individual.