Mission & Vision


S.D & Associates is a reputed professional Chartered Accountant firm who aspire to assemble strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing reliable, quality service which are value driven. We make sure our clients are confident that their business and interests are taken care by trusted professionals. We offer tax related service and comprehensive financial solutions to assist organizations to tackle composite state. The ever-changing business scenarios do require powerful and rightful decision-making ability.

  • To be a respectful professional firm and a leading player in Compliance, Assurance and Consultancy firm in the whole of region.
  • To be committed in being continuous accessible in cost-effective manner.
  • To be professional and ethical in business practice.
  • To be known for committed and dedicated professional support for every private entity, companies and individuals.
  • To adhere with Corporate Social Responsibility & environmental responsibilities by minimizing negative impact.
  • To be proactive and protect our community.
  • To be a value addition for every client’s we work with.
  • To render quality service by adhering to highest standards.


We are a CA firm operating with a mission to redefine financial landscape by conveying comprehensive insightful professional knowledge, result oriented approach with team empowerment.

  • To provide enterprises, individual and business with highest quality of auditing, accounting, tax planning, advisory service in timely, effective, innovate and efficient manner.
  • To promote transparency, integrity, accountability across every economy sectors and levels.
  • To build professional team who significantly strive to achieve clients need and expectations.
  • To be a value addition business to every community.
  • To fully implement extensive rules and regulations to help our clients.
  • To be mindful of our duty of confidentiality and professional independence.


Professional approach at S.D & Associates is guided by values which forms the foundation for our colleagues, team and client’s collaborations. We are keen in protecting every clients interest and ensure clients confidentiality at our own credibility. Our core values include;

  • Relationships

The strength of our working defines us as a firm serving with integrity and honesty.

  • Innovation

We include innovation in every business area and proactively seek out strategies to support our clients with latest tax, law and financial disclosures with accounting advancements.

  • Service

We provide on time service in accurate and comprehensive manner offering insights to current financial position. We are keen to show you best direction in simplifying complex situation. We have developed practices of offering full range of services to our existing & new clients. We strive to assist our client to incline their profit by improvising their operational efficiency.

  • Experience

Our experience in different sector allows you to experience professional service in every discipline. We create a strategic roadmap to achieve best financial outcome. We assign every team member according to their professional & academic strength to obtain best possible outcomes.

We diligently work with clients & their organization to understand their business requirement by promoting “Firm Concept” to effectively manage every situation in this competitive environment.

Overall, S.D & Associate is keen on being a kind of firm with whom every employee, professionals & clients are proud to be associated with!