Forensic Accounting in Nepal

When scrutiny is intense, an entity seeks to determine facts in a quick pace. S. D’s forensic accounting professionals offer strategic guidance to every organization across the nations assisting them to resolve high stake matters including accounting regulatory, fraud and corruption and compliance issues. S.D & Associates is backed by resources and provide comprehensive integrated forensic accounting service:


  • Internal
  • Third Party
  • Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption
  • Employee Misconduct
  • Sexual Harassment


  • Computer and Mobile Forensic
  • Risk and Investigative Analysis


  • Background Checks
  • Vendor/Customer/Third Party Due Diligence


  • Code of Conduct Development
  • Whistle-blower Policy Management
  • Entity and Process Level Fraud Risk Reviews
  • Fraud Awareness Training

We conduct a forensic analysis of every record with advance fraudulent analysis. We thoroughly conduct background checks and provide oral and written testimony, when required. We also serve as independent monitors and reviewers.

Our professional group possesses deep industry knowledge, across several disciplines and sectors. In addition to Certified Chartered Accountant, forensic accountants our multi-disciplinary team includes lawyers and financial analyst.

Corporate Investigations

There are scenarios, when organizations need to correctly address allegations or any wrongdoings or rapidly response and access right kind of resources to identify potential financial damages, then S.D & Associates is here to combine every accounting, technology, investigative theory’s and help clients to evaluate allegations involving every employee, third parties or management.

Compliance Service

We have designed programs to minimize risk, detect & prevent frauds. Our professionals are here to review and enhance policies, procedures and detect risk, assess controls and remediate exposures.

Due Diligence

We gather every necessary detail in connection to mergers and acquisitions, third-party agents and joint ventures. We effectively evaluate every important relationship and identify the requirements of every concerned party.

The investigation of corporate, regulatory and prosecuting authorities requires a level of authorities. Our forensic team is designated to support your team on dispute resolution, investigation, and forensics. Investigations range from complex to multi-jurisdictional assignments causing heavy financial loss.

We are here to assist you to minimize financial and operational loss and provide you with the assurance to satisfy every stake.