Financial Consulting Nepal

Capitalize on the real-world experience of our financial advisors for their unmatched and rigorous analytical skills. S.D & Associates provides an array of consulting services. We aim to support the company by making the client’s informed about the changing financial scenario and through value maximization decisions. Then accordingly, we pave through the challenges of implementation.

Our decisions and delivery are backed by profound research by rigorously analyzing the situation and factors. Our consulting team explores the best opportunities, risks, and objectives of client business through constructive recommendations.

The recommendations are then followed step by step through the solutions and phases provided through constant guidance.


For financial consulting, our services include:

Valuation service – A single detail in valuation exercise could either make or break the deal. Therefore, S.D & Associates, Chartered Accountants firm, is keen on delivering valuable valuation and feasibility service.

Our expert gives in their full time and effort through constant examination and analysis of the assignment in every aspect before deriving the conclusion.


Interests subject to valuation

  • Shares
  • Companies
  • New Projects & ventures
  • Business units
  • Portfolio companies
  • Intangible assets


Purpose of valuation

  • Initial offerings (IPO)
  • Buyouts
  • Spin-off
  • Transfer of shares
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Buyouts
  • Spin-offs
  • Takeovers
  • Divestitures/ Disposal of unit
  • Development of Financial Model – In today’s dynamic environment, the company faces the need to access the viability of the taken decision by capturing the lucrative opportunities required in the short frame of time.
  • financial models are developed and designed as per the client needs to tackle the:
  • Investment/valuation evaluation model
  • The optimal and financing model
  • Integrate the investment and financing decision with a sophisticated value creation model.
  • Working capital management and budgeting.
  • Assets pricing model and appraisals.


Deal Structuring

Backed by the leading industry experts and financial strategy, S.D & Associates support its client in structuring a value-creating deal by underlaying the mergers and acquisition, buyouts, private equity, takeovers, joint ventures, and partnership.


S.D & Associates offers a complete transaction and deal structuring service covering the process of:

  • Deal formation – Identifying the initial negotiations with potentiality.
  • Due diligence on financial factors – We understand the client’s objective and undertake the due diligence of the value drivers, commercial structures, and forecasts for general market conditions and economical. We highlight the strategic opportunities and recommend risk mitigants.
  • Identification of cost – saving, unlocking integration value, and recommendation of mitigants risk – S.D & Associates, marks the weakness and strength of the client and make advice on potential fit in between the two parties to achieve the strategic objectives. We access opportunities, cost-saving, synergies, unlock integration, and point out inherent risk.
  • Deal structuring service – We offer both objective and constructive advice concerning the payment method, pricing, contribution, and timing exit strategies.
  • Transaction closing via negotiations – Support the client during the negotiation process and improve their position to ensure maximized value chain gets created.
  • Post Deal – A key pillar of service rendered by S.D & Associates. We ensure sound deal execution, planning, transition, and support to the client to mitigate the integration challenges.

Feasibility studies & business plan – The business planning and feasibility gets supported by the record of analysis advisory and project valuation service.

S.D & Associates offer financial, strategic, and industry-specific expertise in creating full-blown business plans concentrating on project feasibility studies, industry economic conditions, SWOT analysis, analysis of internal capabilities, and industry economic conditions.

Risk Analysis & Management – S.D & Associates recommends its client-specific action plans to manage credit, strategic and operational risk, and market. In the process, we make sure the risk strategy is clearly defined and communicated, ultimately providing a clear and secure framework for the operations and control.