Corporate Financial Services Nepal

The professionals at Corporate Financial Services (CFS) are innovative providers of financial programs for professionals, business owners, and their companies. Our professionals help and advise corporates on how to use transactions more effectively to reach their business goals. Our team has adequate skills and experience across a broad range of sectors to provide objective and specialist corporate advice and assists the client to create and extract value. We closely work with clients to develop optimal solutions and outcomes.


Financial Decisions

The challenge is to secure the financial resources to sustain investment and strategic objectives.
We assist clients in every aspect of financial decisions, including the advice to raise debt or equity and to set capital structure. When the decision to issue equity or debt, our consultants provide insight on the pricing and other terms of the financing schemes.


Investment Decisions

S.D & Associates assists the business in the evaluation of investment opportunities through investment analysis service, valuation analysis, and project feasibility service leading to effective decisions.


Corporate portfolio optimization & Capital Deployment Decisions

The service includes analysis of a robust portfolio of projects and business along with the study of the impact on change in portfolio composition related to company performance. In delivering the service, our expert performs thorough client analysis including their strategic direction, activities, financial position, market conditions and business environment.
Within the objective frame, our corporate finance consultants shall identify various alternatives and advice multiple means to maximize value.
S.D & Associates assists the firm in:
• Allocation of capital amongst the various business units.
• Decisions regarding divestitures, restructurings, re-focusing, and spin-offs.
• Unit/ business portfolio optimization.
• Risk minimization, diversification, cost-sharing, and value creation among projects or portfolio companies.
All proposed financial solutions are carried out under successful guidance for successful implementation.